Crime consultancy benchmark

by Mark Rowe

Secured by Design (SBD), the designing out crime scheme run by ACPO, has launched a new license scheme.

The new SBD license scheme will provide a benchmark for those qualified to offer expertise on the project while helping stamp out what the police body calls the trend of unqualified, self-titled consultants lacking in essential crime prevention and designing out crime knowledge and experience, claiming they can deliver police endorsed security guidance.

Richard Childs, the former chief constable of Lincolnshire, is Managing Director of ACPO Secured by Design. He says: “We hope our new initiative to formally license crime prevention experts will help ensure that Secured by Design is delivered by those who are qualified to do so putting an end to rogue security consultants claiming to meet our standards and misusing our trademark.

“True SBD consultants come from a background of crime prevention and designing out crime and through their training and experience are alive to the risks of potential or existing criminal trends. Through this scheme, we hope to ensure only skilled experts will be providing our advice and guidance. This voluntary initiative will also help ensure companies or agencies seeking to design to SBD principles will have a pool of professionals to choose from.

“To obtain a license, applicants will need to have a minimum of two years in an operational role within a UK police force where they have direct experience of crime prevention and/or delivering SBD initiatives or have a recognised qualification in a specific aspect of SBD. Our research already shows that properties using products approved by SBD have 50 per cent less chance of being burgled so we are highly confident that our licensing scheme will have an equally positive effect on driving down crime and safeguarding environments. ”

The scheme points to the London 2012 Olympics which used SBD to benchmark security for construction and legacy, and argues that there is an increasing demand for people outside the UK police to offer all, or part of, Secured by Design.

Ian Gray, formerly of the Metropolitan Police, was the man in charge of ensuring SBD principles and guidance were embedded in 2012 Games planning. He says: “Having worked on the London Olympics, I know all too well about the responsibility and expertise required to ensure public safety remains at the heart of planning a major event. I was brought in to provide SBD guidance almost immediately after the bid was won because of my expertise in counter terrorism security and crime prevention. I am very proud to have been involved in such a major event but mostly it is a privilege to have played a key part in the legacy and success of it. To successfully carry out my role, I needed to utilise my policing skills including risk assessments and crime analysis which are all part of the SBD model. The introduction of the licensing scheme will mean that the real experts are out there providing the right level of advice with one principle to reduce crime.

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