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IP-based solution for MediaCity

by Mark Rowe

MediaCity, the regenerated hub around Salford Quays, in Greater Manchester, has deployed an IP-based solution for security across the 200-acre site. The integrated video, audio and data analytics solution from Axis Communications is covering offices for the BBC and ITV.

MediaCity’s analogue surveillance system had become outdated and no longer fit for purpose. RS Security Consultants, a security consultancy and Axis partner, was tasked with auditing the site’s security architecture and recommending a new system. Following demonstrations of its products when placed against several competitors, Axis’ IP security system was deployed, giving real-time security alerts to a central control room. The new system also reduces maintenance costs and is in keeping with the hub’s sustainability and cybersecurity goals.

Richard Sumner, Director at RS Security Consultants, says: “MediaCity is a dynamic and vibrant hub that attracts businesses and families. It’s an exciting and visually stunning place to walk around and has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Accommodating up to 5,000 people at any one time, it was important to establish 24/7 protection, but also that the system was unobtrusive, blending in with the environment.”

IP cameras are camouflaged to match the surroundings, and are going largely unnoticed by the many people that use the space every day.

Tony Chebrika, pictured, Head of Security at Peel Media, which part-owns MediaCity, adds, “We’ve created a community here in which thousands of people work, live and enjoy themselves, and we want to ensure that they can continue to do so. We’re delighted with the system that’s been installed and that we chose partners with a shared focus on sustainability and cybersecurity. Axis and RS Security Consultants have helped us ensure our new security system has had as little impact on our environment as possible, while having strong measures in-built to guard against cyber threats.

“Everyone that has used the system has been impressed. Indeed, each time we’ve sent security footage to the police they’ve strongly commended the image quality. I’m also confident that the high levels of security across our entire site have helped us secure a number of new business customers who prioritised a highly secure environment. That’s now guaranteed at MediaCity.”

View a video featuring Richard and Tony, and David Needham of Axis, on Youtube.

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