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PSM joins SBD

by Mark Rowe

Professional Surveillance Management Ltd has joined Secured by Design (SBD), the UK police crime prevention initiative. It’s the first remote monitoring CCTV company to have achieved Secured by Design’s Police Preferred Specification. They offer surveillance services, whereby when an intruder breaches a restricted area of a premises (by triggering motion sensors), an alarm containing CCTV images goes to PSM’s NSI Gold-accredited 24 hour Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC).

Operators visually verify the cause of alarm and take action – such as issuing audio warnings, to tell intruders that they are being monitored and warn that the emergency services have been called.

PSM’s operations, including alarm receiving software, is created, developed and controlled in-house. Software can be adapted to suit client and installer needs, rather than them having to fit into ‘off the shelf’ software.

SBD Development Officer Hazel Goss said: “It was lovely to meet the team at Professional Surveillance Management and have them join Secured by Design as a new member. I had the privilege of being shown round and shown how the system all works and informed of some the excellent success stories that they have had in stopping crime. I’m really looking forward to working with them.”

And Kerry Jones of PSM said: “Since its inception the entire focus of PSM has been to prevent our clients suffering from criminal activities, whilst liaising with the police in a timely and appropriate manner. It is with that background that the team and I at PSM are delighted to be the very first remote monitoring CCTV company to have achieved Secured by Design’s Police Preferred Specification. We are wholly committed to delivering exceptional service and this recognition by the police owned national crime prevention initiative is a testament to the skill and dedication of our team.

“We excitedly look forward to working directly with Police Chiefs and combining our unique skills and passion for crime prevention with their experience and total commitment to the public to achieve exceptional results for our clients.”

About SBD

A police-owned organisation, it works on behalf of the police to deliver a range of crime prevention and demand reduction initiatives. Products are subjected to testing and auditing by an accredited third party before being allowed to carry the SBD logo.

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