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by msecadm4921

Contactless smart card manufacturer LEGIC Identsystems has signed a global licensing agreement with Honeywell.

The companies say the partnership will allow Honeywell Building Solutions to offer access control products from LEGIC. This will give Honeywell customers a broader range of solutions for their building security applications, the firms say.

What they say

"Working with LEGIC enables us to take advantage of their highly secure smart card technology in our access control solutions," said Gary Wuetig, Platform Development and Offering Leader at Honeywell, Europe, Middle East & Africa. "Based on this multi-application technology we will also be able to implement new solutions to continue meeting our customers’ needs." Under the agreement, Honeywell will add LEGIC-based 13.56 MHz RFID access and smart card technology to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) readers. As a member of LEGIC’s Partner Network, Honeywell will also have the opportunity to work with other LEGIC Partners in offering a range of multi-application and smart card applications to enhance its integrated access control and time and attendance solutions – from biometrics and logical access control to parking solutions and systems for cashless payment or sport event ticketing management. Klaus Klosa, Managing Director for LEGIC Identsystems AG, said: "Honeywell is a global company with an excellent reputation for the innovative use of technology across a wide range of cutting edge applications, from aerospace to security. Honeywell will be a great asset to LEGIC and we’re very pleased that the company has decided to join us and become our licensed business partner."

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