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Airwave Radio

by msecadm4921

Some 100,000 police officers are now using Airwave, the national police radio communications system, Home Office Minister Caroline Flint has announced.

The clarity of transmission and the coverage of Airwave is designed to help officers work more effectively and safely, the Government says. It offers fast and direct contact with colleagues through a secure channel and enables officers to access information electronically from the beat.

Airwave is part of the Home Office’s Police Science and Technology Strategy and the National Policing Plan. The network supporting Airwave is now complete across England and Wales and work to ensure that every police officer will benefit is well under way, the Government says.

What they say

Ms Flint said: “Airwave provides modern, secure and efficient radio communications for police officers across the country – a national system that is the envy of forces worldwide. Eventually every police officer, not just the 100,000 users we have reached today, will benefit. For the first time, officers throughout Great Britain will be able to communicate directly with each other regardless of location. Airwave will improve the safety of officers and the public and its security features will prevent criminals from ‘listening in’. Crucially, Airwave will cut bureaucracy by freeing up frontline officer time – allowing officers to access data without having to come back to the station. It will help them to respond more effectively to major incidents by enabling contact with specialist units and assisting officers to communicate and work together across force boundaries."

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