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The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has produced a factsheet on forthcoming changes in European Standards for intruder alarms.

The factsheet seeks to inform intruder alarm manufacturers, installers and their customers on the changes to expect over the coming months.

"The introduction of European Standards for intruder alarm systems through PD 6662 on the October 1 was just the beginning of the long process of development and introduction of these European Standards," says BSIA Technical and Membership Services Director, Alex Carmichael. "It is important that manufacturers, installers and customers are aware of the changes that will be introduced in the coming months in order to prepare sufficiently to continue the transition to a full suite of European norms."

The document entitled ‘European Standards – timetable for change’ is available from the BSIA website at For more information on European Standards for intruder alarms visit

And the association has published a new guide for end-users to detector activated, remotely monitored CCTV. The user guide highlights the importance of ensuring that systems are compliant with BS 8418 in order to obtain a police response to a detector activation.

BSIA CCTV Section Chairman, Adam Wiseberg, says: "When applied correctly, detector-activated CCTV brings huge benefits to end-users whose sites need to be kept secure, particularly overnight, with its potential to stop crime in its tracks – a verbal warning alone can deter at least 90pc of intruders. However, an immediate level 1 police response to detector-activated CCTV is only available when the system complies with BS 8418 and is therefore able to qualify for a Unique Reference Number. Looking for a system that is inspected to this standard, not only ensures quality, but is also a means to determine that an incident on your premises becomes a police priority."

The guide offers a guide on the key points to consider when purchasing a system, how to select the right Remote Video Response Centre and important advice regarding operating procedures. It also lists organisations that end-users can turn to for assistance.

To download

To downloadthe BSIA’s ‘User guide to detector-activated, remotely monitored CCTV systems’, visit
For more information about detector-activated CCTV and companies that provide this service:

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