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Alleygate Team

by msecadm4921

Liverpool?s alleygating team has a new member ? and you better hope you don?t meet him down an alley.

Alfie is an 11-foot bull alligator, who lives at Chester Zoo, and he was officially adopted by Liverpool City Council and Safer Merseyside Partnership?s alleygating team. He has no plans to move to Liverpool.

Community safety team manager at the city council Alison Doherty said: “Alleygates are so popular in Liverpool that we can hardly keep up with demand from people, so we were thinking of recruiting Alfie and his friends as a new method of deterring burglars from using the city?s back alleyways. But in the end we thought he?d be happier here in the zoo ? we can always send the burglars round here for a quick ?chat? if we have to!” The alleygating team decided to adopt the alligator, who they?ve named Alfie, after one of them visited the world famous zoo and read about the animal adoption programme. People can buy part shares in one of the animals, or adopt one outright. The alleygating team have gone for the whole alligator.

Facts about alleygates

Alleygates are metal gates custom built and fitted to each end of a typical back alley running behind terraced houses. More than 2,000 have already been fitted around the city and scores more are being put up each month. More than 4,500 look set to be fitted in total, at a cost of over œ6m. In areas where they have been fitted burglary rates have fallen by up to half, and vandalism and fly tipping have also dropped.

Facts about alligators

Alligators are large green reptiles. They live everywhere from marshes to mangroves and in fresh and salt water. They can grow up to four metres long. Their nostrils are located on the same level as their eyes, so that they may remain submerged without being noticed but can still breathe. Males are called bulls and females cows. Visit

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