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Anfield Upgraded

by msecadm4921

Liverpool FC have recently upgraded CCTV at their Anfield stadium.

TG Baker Romers were commissioned by the Premier League football club to replace the analogue video recording system with digital video recording technology from SANYO.

With average attendances in the region of 44,000, crowd safety is of paramount importance.

What they say

The stadium’s safety officer, Ged Poynton, said: "In order to comply with the rules and regulations specified by our local authority which enables us to have a certificate for matches to be held at the stadium, we have to demonstrate that we have an effective CCTV system. The previously used method of recording video onto tapes and then playing them back on analogue VCRs achieved our aims but I am glad that management of a large tape library is a thing of the past."

TG Baker Romers, who have maintained the CCTV system at Anfield for more than ten years, replaced the analogue VCRs with four of SANYO’s DSR-3716PAC digital video recorders. These collectively record high resolution images from all of the cameras operating in and around the stadium while two of SANYO’s DSR -300Ps record video of specific incidents that are being monitored by operators.

"Since changing over to digital video recording I feel our overall security has been improved," added Ged Poynton. "and the ability to have real time recording of incidences on match days is a major benefit."

TG Baker Romers are now in the process of extending the CCTV system to cover the club’s museum. TG Baker Romers CCTV Manager Stuart Finlay said: "The SANYO DVRs incorporate the very latest digital technology and will be easily transferable when Liverpool FC move to a new stadium at some point in the future."

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