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Antenna Range

by msecadm4921

Antenna manufacturer CTi Ltd reports that it has launched a new series of omni-directional WiFi antenna.

The products provide, it is claimed, a range of gain levels up to 9dBi, greatly improving over most standard antenna fitted to indoor wireless access points, routers and bridges. The new CTI-RA series WiFi antenna enable users to increase the signal strengths of SOHO (small office/home office) wireless equipment significantly; simply by replacing the supplied antenna, they can extend the equipment’s operating range appreciably.

Suitable for use with any 802.11 standard 2.4 GHz wireless systems, CTI-RA antenna are available with a choice of 3 dBi, 5 dBi, 7 dBi or 9dBi gain
levels to facilitate optimum application matching, and with three types of connector: SMA Male RS, TNC Male, and N Male. All six antennas employ co-linear elements to maximise RF efficiency and minimise length, contained within a semi-flexible rubber housing, according to the makers. The base of each antenna features a swivel joint that enables it to be used for vertically or horizontally polarised signals, and the connector is fitted with gold-plated pins for signal integrity. CTI-RA antenna have a
50 Ohm output impedance and an output VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) of less than 2:1 across the band.

CTi has also recently introduced a series of 5 GHz WiFi antenna, together with a number of new GPS and GSM antenna.

New website makes it easier and quicker, the firm says, for designers, OEMs and system integrators to find a match for their antenna
requirements. Making extensive use of drop-down menus and scrolling display windows, the new site enables users to navigate their way through CTi’s range of products, and to obtain on-line guidance on a variety of technical issues, such as antenna frequency and efficiency. The site details nearly 100 WiFi and Bluetooth antenna – as well as a wide range of models for GPS, GSM, DAB and Tetra applications – with large number of adaptors and adaptor leads. The adaptor leads can be made up to suit any requirement at their UK manufacturing
facility. The new website features on-line enquiry and quotation forms, offers a preview of products in development, and lists full contact information for all of the company’s distributors.

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