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An internet Managed Scanning Service to counter email spam.

WorldCom Internet Managed Scanning Service to counter email spam is powered by MessageLabs, the email security company. The service enables customers to effectively counteract the costs and lost productivity incurred by unsolicited emails, according to WorldCom (

Currently, according to Harte-Hankes? CRM Services survey in the UK, one in seven business emails contains unsolicited emails or bulk emails, publicly known as spam. On average, up to a tenth of every employee?s day is spent opening, reading and deleting irrelevant emails, WorldCom say. The problem is so acute that many businesses across the industry are calling for legal restrictions on what information can be sent to whom by email.

To prevent customers from suffering the negative effects created by Internetspamming, WorldCom?s new service intercepts spam emails early at the Internet level, before it reaches the customer?s local network boundaries. Patented virus scanning techniques have been used to offer firms a method of spam detection which is intelligent and flexible. WorldCom is utilising the technology and solutions of MessageLabs, a Managed Service Provider. The anti-spam solution is supported by a 24×7 technical support service to enable customers to react to spam and actual security threats created by email in a flexible and convenient way.

What they say

Alan Paul, business information manager at Marshall of Cambridge Aerospace, a company using WorldCom?s new offering, says the problem needs to be tackled effectively. “We were getting over 500 unsolicited mails per day – a huge waste of our employees? time. A lot of these were self-inflicted newsletter subscriptions, but since the anti-spam service started, we?ve had no complaints about mail not getting through. On some days, we block nearly 1,000 emails.” Steve Best, marketing VP, WorldCom EMEA says: “UK businesses bear the cost of wasted time and resources with their employees exposed to unsolicited and badly targeted material. This cost will increase if action isn?t taken. This is why WorldCom is offering the new anti-spam service.” Jos White, founder and marketing director at MessageLabs says: “Recent research released by MessageLabs showed that one in every seven emails in the UK is spam. That?s a lot of unwanted email costing businesses both time and money. WorldCom is very aware of this problem and is taking active measures to protect its customers.”

About the service

WorldCom?s new anti-spam service employs new technologies and concepts going beyond the blacklist/whitelist filtering approach, which only picks up spam from known spammers. Instead it uses ?heuristics? scanning to build an ever-expanding knowledge base of spam techniques and behaviour to proactively identify spam regardless of its origin. The heuristics method works by scoring each email against a set of rules. If the message achieves more than a specified score, it is instantly identified as spam and the customer can choose from the tag and block options available. Businesses are therefore able to control what email does and does not get through to employees, according to the makers.

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