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by msecadm4921

Anti-computer virus firm Sophos has released new versions of its MailMonitor products for Microsoft Exchange 2000 and Lotus Notes/Domino servers.

Sophos MailMonitor for Exchange 2000 v1.5 scans for viruses in all incoming emails, enabling network administrators to either disinfect, delete or quarantine infected messages. MailMonitor for Exchange 2000’s new features include support for the Microsoft virus-scanning Application Programming Interface (VSAPI) 2.0, allowing scanning of the Exchange information store in both active and background scan modes, Sophos says. The new version of MailMonitor for Exchange 2000 can scan newsgroups, both internal and internet Usenet discussion boards, intercepting known viruses, Trojans and worms in real-time. A selective
“strip all” facility can also allow system administrators to prevent unknown viruses from being distributed via Exchange newsgroups by blocking all attachments, Sophos adds.

What they say

David Mitchell, MailMonitor product manager at Sophos, said: ?Companies are more likely to be attacked by a virus via email than any other route.These new versions of our MailMonitor product suite ensure that firms can focus on their core business without disruption.? Black Box, a network services company providing computer communications, networking services and related products to businesses of all sizes, is already a user. Doug Boast, Group MIS Manager UK & Ireland of Black Box, said: ?With offices spread around the world, email is a very important
communication tool for us. With an ever-increasing number of viruses travelling via email, it is vital for us to have first-class virus protection running at our email gateway. The latest MailMonitor offering from Sophos means we are even better protected against the latest virus threats.? Visit

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