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by msecadm4921

Masternaut and report that they have joined forces.

The firms offer vehicle tracking and automatic ID products, for the transport, logistics and service industries.

What they say

"Masternaut has evolved from its vehicle tracking origins to become a complete solution for managing mobile operations. That has created a demand for more sophisticated in-cab and in-hand devices, as well as automatic data capture from barcodes and tags. was the only Auto ID supplier that could provide not only the most extensive range of equipment, but also technical expertise and services in areas such as local area RF," said Martin Port, Managing Director of Masternaut.

"Masternaut is a perfect partner for us as they now have by far the best offering for managing on-the-road operations. Our strengths are in barcoding and local area wireless applications so through Masternaut we can extend use of our technology beyond the warehouse to the field or transport operation. With ready-made applications such as POD capture, we can really add value to our market offering and the tie-up gives us an added competitive advantage," said Derek Stainton, Managing Director of, a primary reseller for Hand Held Products, supply a range of barcoding and radio frequency (RF) communications technologies. Masternaut specialise in vehicle tracking and mobile applications delivered via the web. By integrating the automatic data capture equipment from, a new dimension is added to Masternaut’s solutions including the seamless flow of electronic data from warehouse to delivery, it is claimed.

"For Masternaut, one of’s most appealing products is the range of Dolphin devices manufactured by Hand Held Products. These offer real computing power and clever automatic ID capture technology, with a very rugged form factor. For the transport and logistics sectors where warehouse staff and drivers need to carry a device, nothing comes close to the Dolphins," added Port.

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