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Attack Fund

by msecadm4921

G4S Cash Services (UK) (‘G4S’) and the GMB Union (‘GMB’) announced to Members of Parliament in Westminster, the launch of a fund to provide cash aid to employees who suffer serious injury as a result of a criminal attack at work.

The Criminal Attack Fund (‘CAF’) will make awards to staff based on the effect of an injury on the employee. The Fund is fully financed by contributions made by both the company and its staff.

The CAF has been launched against a backdrop of attacks on those working in the cash-in-transit (CIT) industry, some violent. CIT staff across the industry have been physically assaulted while going about their everyday working lives performing this essential public service, keeping cash flowing in the UK.

Union says

Gary Smith, National officer, GMB Union, hailed the development as an industry first: “GMB has been working closely with G4S, the Police and Home Office to reduce attacks on CVIT crews. However sadly we know that there is still a possibility of our members being attacked as they go about their work. This ground breaking scheme will mean that any of our members seriously injured at work can get access to some financial support.”

G4S say

Ian Nisbet, Chief Executive, G4S Cash Services (UK & Ireland), said: “I am extremely pleased that this joint initiative between the G4S and the GMB has enabled us to put in place a substantial fund for the benefit of our employees. We are constantly striving to reduce the number of attacks, but when attacks do occur, the safety and welfare of our staff is paramount. The Criminal Attack Fund will be an important safety net for any member of staff who has the misfortune to suffer a life-changing injury while doing their job.”

Minister says

Vernon Coaker MP, Home Office Minister, said: “The Government, police, security industry, retailers and finance industry are working very hard to prevent and tackle Cash and Valuables in Transit crime.

“This is not victimless crime; it has a big impact on people’s lives, their livelihood, and their families. I applaud the GMB and G4S in launching the Criminal Attack Fund initiative, designed to provide care and support for those workers who have suffered life-changing injuries in such attacks. This is an encouraging example of the industry and trade unions working together to ensure the full well-being of its staff and members.”

About award

The CVIT industry is described as vital to the economic liquidity of the UK where cash remains the consumer’s preferred method of payment. The industry transports around £500 billion a year employing around 8,000 couriers using some 4,000 vehicles. An employee who suffers life-changing injuries as a result of a criminal attack will be able to apply to the fund for an award. The amount awarded will be decided by the CAF’s Board of Directors. The Board will consist of an equal number of Directors from the GMB and from G4S.

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