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by msecadm4921

DeviceLock, Inc., an endpoint data leak prevention software firm, announces that Bashkir Branch of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation (Sberbank) has chosen DeviceLock software to establish control over staff access to local ports and peripheral devices on the Bank’s endpoint computers to reduce the risk of internal data breaches due to insider mistakes or misconduct.

Established in 1841, Sberbank is the largest banking institution in Central and Eastern Europe banking industry, accounting for over a quarter of Russian national banking assets. Universal commercial bank with a full range of banking services, Sberbank has 17 regional head offices and more than 20,000 branches throughout the country across 11 time zones. It offers services ranging from savings to lending and credit services to more than one million corporate and 250 million retail customers.

Recognising the rapid developments in data transfer and storage technologies and the potential threats they pose to corporate information security, the IT Security Division of Bashkir Branch of Sberbank identified a need to implement more granular and reliable control over employee access to local ports and peripheral devices on office computers. The problem was that “all-or-nothing” access enforced through physical or logical port blocking in the Bank’s IT system had become insufficient for facilitating personnel duties and operations. Besides, the “full-blocking” method of port access control was just unacceptable for some device types – like USB keyboards and mice.

“The Bank’s IT security system audit is one of the most important tasks for our IT Security Division. A recent audit led us to conclude that the question of whether or not to implement flexible device and port access control on corporate computers couldn’t be postponed any longer,” said Vyacheslav Rykov, Deputy Head of IT Security Division with Bashkir Branch of Sberbank.

After testing a number of device/port control solutions, Bashkir Branch chose DeviceLock software from DeviceLock, Inc. because of several functions including the ability to control, log, shadow-copy, and audit end-user access to any type of computer ports and peripheral devices, native integration with Microsoft Active Directory platform for deployment and management of DeviceLock agents, centralised audit log collection and storage, the ability to shadow the data that end-users copy to removable memory devices, USB and media white listing support; and multi-console management architecture that supports several administrative roles.
“Not only does the DeviceLock solution fully comply with our information security policy, but its functions seamlessly complement it, increasing the Bank’s overall IT infrastructure protection. In addition to the DeviceLock solution, we are also developing administrative and regulatory documents and deploying network security and anti-virus solutions. DeviceLock provides comprehensive event and data logging and audit capabilities, completely covering all functional requirements related to this element of endpoint security so there is no need for us to use any additional tools for port/device access control. Another advantage of DeviceLock is that it does not require deep technical expertise or significant time and labor resources for installation, maintenance and support. In fact, the product’s “unattended mode” installation went so smoothly that most of our employees didn’t even notice DeviceLock had been installed and was running on their computers,” commented Vyacheslav Rykov. “Thanks to comprehensive product documentation and real-time support from DeviceLock’s Technical Support Service if any technical issues come about we have the confidence that they can be fixed quickly and painlessly.”

About the software

DeviceLock software enables users to precisely control, log, shadow-copy, and audit end-user access to any type of computer ports or peripheral devices including local, network and virtual printers, as well as Windows Mobile and Palm OS based personal mobile devices. DeviceLock also integrates with encryption products from PGP, Lexar, and TrueCrypt, to protect data on removable storage devices. In addition, DeviceLock blocks operations of USB and PS/2 hardware keyloggers.

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