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Biometric Deal

by msecadm4921

SAGEM has signed an eight-year contract with Northrop Grumman Information Technology to provide biometric identification technology which will be used to upgrade a computer system linking more than 50 UK police forces and agencies.

SAGEM will deliver this biometric technology to help Northrop Grumman IT integrate and enhance the current Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) of England and Wales as well as the AFIS used by Scotland’s police. Current services have allowed police forces to search their local fingerprints and crime scene marks against their own national databases, the firm says. The new system, called IDENT1, will enable these fingerprints and marks to be searched against a combined database of more than six million ten-print records and more than one million marks (latents) in minutes, it is claimed.

One of the first new developments under IDENT1 and a contribution of SAGEM will be the establishment of a national palm-print searching service. This service will enable forces, which already routinely collect palm prints from people that they arrest, to run national searches similar to fingerprint searches. National palm-print searching can have a considerable impact on crime investigation and detection as nearly 20 per cent of all marks obtained from crime scenes in the UK are from palms.

Further developments will include mobile fingerprint checking, facial imaging and video identification.

"The UK has set the standard for identification technology in the police service, enabling the fingerprint bureau to complete complex national searches and comparisons. This contract award will enable us to continue the good work and to provide the police service with further national identification services they need to help fight the modern, sophisticated and mobile criminal", said Dr Fred Preston, director of Identification for the UK Police Information Technology Organization (PITO), after awarding the contract to Northrop Grumman.

Jean-Paul Jainsky, Managing Director of the Security Division of Sagem said: "We see this agreement as an excellent relationship for both companies and we are convinced that the unique and well established expertise of Sagem in the design and deployment of very large biometric identification systems will provide a dramatic acceleration to the upgrading of the United Kingdom’s police forces. With this additional success, SAGEM reinforces its position as the world leader in the provision of large scale biometric solutions, a rapidly growing market.”

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