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Birmingham Buy

by msecadm4921

A real time video enhancement unit has been bought by Birmingham City Council….

The Hawk Portable unit from LYNN can be connected to any of the council’s CCTV cameras in use around the city. According to the product manufacturer, the he council chose the Hawk Portable as it can easily be relocated and installed into any one of the council’s main control rooms or even used externally in mobile CCTV applications.

After a one month trial at the council the Hawk Portable had made an improvement to real time video in poor light and rain. A first unit was bought. Peter Ryans of Birmingham City Council said: ““We purchased the Lyyn unit because we were impressed with the enhanced images it was able to achieve in poor lighting and weather conditions.” And Bengt Sahlberg, President of LYYN said: “This is a very significant and very important order for us in the UK’s surveillance market and we hope that by working together with partners like Birmingham City Council LYYN will be able to demonstrate and show added value to many other new customers in similar vertical markets.”

LYYN products are used to add to visibility in real-time in fog, dust, lowlight, snow, smoke, for security and under-sea uses. LYYN works on images and video from colour cameras, but can also be used in processing saved material. Robert Chandler, UK sales manager of LYNN, was among the speakers at the Global MSC Security CCTV seminar at Gosforth Park, Newcastle, in November, featured in the December print issue of Professional Security magazine. Other applications include with fire brigades, and ports. The manufacturer’s algorithms process each frame of video, whether analogue or over Internet Protocol, to enhance images, to bring out colour and contrast where viewing is obscured by fog, smoke or dust. The LYNN Griffin product is ONVIF-compliant, to work with a video encoder.

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