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Blast Boxers In States

by msecadm4921

BCB International Ltd, the Cardiff-based survival equipment specialist is introducing to the United States an undergarment called “Blast Boxers” that protects soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq against roadside bombs.

BCB has been manufacturing the garment, made of two layers of Kevlar and a flame retardant material in the UK. It has contracted Seneca Cayuga Industries, of Seneca Falls, New York, to manufacture the Blast Boxers in the United States, to comply with current military regulations. Seneca Cayuga Industries is a non-profit sheltered workshop that employs people with disabilities. It already produces knit wear for the US Department of Defense and has more than enough capacity to meet BCB’s demands.

H. L. Dalis Inc., a New York City distributor to the US military and the public, is taking orders for Blast Boxers, based on word of mouth recommendations.

Jon Blumenfeld, president of the 85-year old family-owned Dalis said: “We introduced it about a month ago and we are already getting orders from individuals and government agencies. ”

Ed Schmitt, North American regional executive for BCB said: “The product shields the lower abdominal area of the body, including the groin, not only from road side bombs blasts, but also from infectious materials caused by dirt and debris forced into a wound.

“It also provides significant protection to the femoral artery on the inside of the leg. If the femoral artery is severed, you can bleed out in about three minutes. There’s little that can be done if this happens, so protection is very important.

“The region where our troops are operating is seeing a growing number of casualties caused by IEDs. Dirt and debris used to conceal IEDs are often contaminated with waste materials and even fecal matter, which can cause wounds to go septic. With an average weight of 6.8 ounces Blast Boxers are comfortable and easy to wear even in the field. Individuals have run half marathons wearing them.”


For over 50 years, BCB have designed and manufactured a range of quality military equipment. The firm has gained two Queen’s Awards for Export Achievement as well as the Wales Innovation Award 2010 for its Blast Boxers. Visit

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