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by msecadm4921

Reliance Security Group reports a couple of facilities (FM) and security contracts with BT.

The Monteray joint venture, including FM arm Reliance Integrated Services, has a new, six-year facilities management contract with BT of more than £500m. And BT and Monteray agreed on manned guarding and reception services integrated nationally through Monteray’s sister organisation, Reliance Security Services – its largest security contract ever. Bert van Middelkoop, Head of Physical Security and Continuity for BT described it as a significant step forward in the development of an integrated security service for the telecoms firm.

The six-year, total facilities management service contract, which runs until April 2014, will be operated jointly by the Monteray shareholders, Reliance Integrated Services Ltd, Carillion and Haden Building Management.  It entails the provision of services to BT’s 7,000 buildings and 100,000 staff located throughout Britain. 

BT and Monteray have worked together since the first contract was signed in 2001 to reduce operational costs, improve customer service and support BT’s environmental and CSR agendas.  Several of these initiatives have been formally recognised.  Most recently BT and Monteray were awarded the Partners in Business Change Award in 2006, and in 2007 Monteray was awarded a RoSPA Gold Award for its occupational health and safety practices.

“We are delighted to be part of this unique collaboration to support BT’s business transformation strategy.  As a shareholder of Monteray Ltd we have had a unique opportunity to shape our approach to delivering services to BT whilst strengthening the effective working relationships with our shareholder partners,” commented Jane Skelton, Managing Director Reliance Integrated Services.  “The award of the BT security contract to our sister company has enhanced Reliance’s understanding of BT’s business objectives.  These contracts demonstrate the strength and depth in our business: improving our ability to deliver an excellent customer experience for anyone working in or visiting a BT building.”

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