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Bucks Bobbies

by msecadm4921

In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Buckinghamshire Constabulary, Buckinghamshire County Museum is holding an exhibition titled Bucks Bobbies.

It looks at 150 years of the Buckinghamshire Constabulary, which was founded 6 February 1857. The exhibition marks the anniversary by showing how the Force has developed throughout the years.

Running until 30 June, the exhibition looks at the history of the Bucks Constabulary through the lives of beat officers, as well as examining some of the more famous criminal cases to have occurred in the county, including the Great Train Robbery.

Thames Valley Police Museum has loaned a number of artefacts, including objects from the Great Train Robbery. Ken Wells, Curator, said: “We are very excited to be part of the exhibition. The Force Museum is dedicated to collecting and preserving items on the history and development of Thames Valley Police, and we were happy to loan some of our artefacts to the exhibition so the public can enjoy them.”

Deputy Heritage Manager for Buckinghamshire County Museum, Jamie Everitt, said: “We are extremely grateful to Thames Valley Police Museum for the objects they have leant us and have given them credit in the exhibition.”

The museum’s Manager, Sarah Gray, said: “The Bucks Bobbies exhibition has been a big success with all our visitors, including school groups. Over 30,000 people have enjoyed the show in that time.

“It has captured peoples’ imagination and provided an opportunity for reminiscence as it covered notorious crimes within living memory.”

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