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by msecadm4921

Building developers and owners can save up to 20 per cent over a building’s life cycle by more effectively integrating key systems.

So says a white paper, Integration: Setting the Scene, from product manufacturer Honeywell. According to the firm, the paper shows how an integrated building system that ties together HVAC, security, fire detection and alarms plus access and CCTV can yield significant operational cost savings to a building owner over the life of the building, as well as administrative, operational and mangement efficiencies.

What they say

"True system integration continues be a mystery to many building owners," said author David Epps, integration initiative manager in Honeywell’s Building Solutions business in the UK. "As a consequence, many installed building systems tend to be discrete and separate, with their own panels, detectors, networks and operator workstations. As a result, they don’t deliver the maximum benefits to the organisation."

The white paper offers an overview of standard procurement methods and the life cycle operation of building management systems. It graphically compares the installation and operating costs of an integrated system versus a traditional, separate-system approach and also highlights the kinds of integration and technologies available to building developers. According to Epps, building investors and developers can benefit from more knowledge of how best to incorporate integrated systems.

"One of the challenges facing the buidling controls industry is the way it presents integrated solutions to the marketplace," Epps said. "Contractual processes are still largely divided between mechanical – for HVAC controls – and electrical – for fire detection, lighting and access controls, security and CCTV. An integrated approach combines all of these into a single solution that’s more cost effective over the long-term."

Copies of the white paper – "Integration : Setting the Scene" – are available free, by calling Honeywell on 0870 600 1659.

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