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Burglar Bill: Latest

by msecadm4921

Burglar Bill is still out and about in central London, say the police’s Crime Prevention Team at West End Central.

Burglar Bill, the police add, now wants to try his luck in Mayfair and St James. If interested in taking part in the project you can email [email protected]

As police explain, many businesses in central London will have suffered from walk-in thefts or
burglaries where property just vanishes off the table, lap-tops disappear or you come back after the weekend and find items missing.

Much of this is office equipment, but sometimes it is a phone, handbag or other important personal piece of property. You may have tried talking to the staff, speaking to the security officers, but unless it has happened to them everyone seems indifferent to it.

Now police can help – by launching Burglar Bill – the aim being to get into your premises undetected or unchallenged and mark items ‘Bill’ could have stolen. Then police tell you about it.

What do police want from you?

Your agreement to test your premises;
Support to tackle the issue if we get in; and
Support from within your organisation

What do you get from police?

The security manager of the building will get immediate feedback
A check of your security by a Crime Prevention
An immediate small prize for staff who challenge ‘Bill’
Entry for that member of staff into a monthly draw for theatre tickets, free meals at local restaurants or clothing vouchers.

The objective of ‘Burglar Bill’ is to raise awareness and to highlight the need for everyone to take ownership of security issues. It is intended to make staff aware and generate a greater feeling of safety in the West End, police add.

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