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Camera Management Software

by msecadm4921

Complete with the same intuitive interface as the full version of RealShot Manager Advance (RSM-AD), Sony has introduced RealShot Manager Lite (RSM-Lite) – a free to download camera control interface developed to accompany Sony’s range of IP security cameras. It’s available from distributor Norbain.

Designed for small to medium sized installations with up to nine cameras, RSM-Lite is Sony’s entry-level video management software for Windows based PC. RSM-Lite provides easy installation with plug and play simplicity, automatic camera discovery and intuitive wizard guides to set up configuration and interface layout.

With zero cost, combined with Full HD compatibility and a large existing user base, RSM-Lite is the firms say a choice for small business security, and is fully upgradable to RSM-AD, should camera count or system functionality need to be expanded at a later date.

‘RSM one-click’ recording means any incident can be captured, whilst full HD camera compatibility assures it’s claimed evidential footage can be archived.

"Over 90,000 cameras worldwide are already managed by Sony RSM software, so a free Lite version offers a great taste of what can be achieved via this intuitive camera management software," says Paul Jones, Norbain’s Sony business development manager; "RSM-Lite is the perfect complement to the comprehensive range of Sony CCTV IP cameras, all of which are available via Norbain."

For more information about the range of Sony CCTV products available through Norbain visit –

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