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by msecadm4921

Nine new cameras from Sanyo are collectively designed to provide a solution for virtually any project the makers say with vandal resistant domes, PTZ cameras and a zoom camera included in the range, plus three fixed cameras with CS mounts to provide a choice of lens.

All the cameras can capture full high definition (1920 x 1080) sharp and colour images at 25 frames per second and are equipped with a Dual Codec to support the latest H.264 compression standard besides MJPEG. Top of the range models incorporate a multi-streaming function to enable simultaneous transmission of up to four video streams with, for example, one low resolution stream being used for real time surveillance and another set for recording at full HD for post incident investigation.

On the launch

SANYO’s Doug Gwilliams said: "SANYO believe that HD cameras will inevitably be the preferred choice for end-users who are looking to achieve maximum benefits from their investment in CCTV. Our design engineers have excelled themselves in introducing that ‘wow’ factor to our new HD cameras, all of which have a large number of technically advanced features including a video analytics function which can be programmed to identify the behaviour of subjects and a 3D-DNR function to reduce ‘noise’ in low light conditions."

The HD camera range can make life easier for installers as all the cameras have a Focus Assist function. Simply pointing the camera at the target and pressing the Focus Assist button results in the lens camera automatically adjusting to the optimum position. There is also an Auto IP Setup Utility to aid IP address setting. A camera connected to a network is automatically detected by the software and an IP address is set automatically.

All the cameras are 40pc smaller than conventional CCTV cameras as a result of using the manufacturer’s miniaturization and mounting technical know-how acquired through the development of its digital movie cameras and digital cameras. An HDMI output allowing the quality of the cameras’ images to be observed on an HD monitor and PoE (Power over Ethernet) are built into all the cameras as standard whilst there is the option of adding an external HDD for storing recorded video ‘on the edge’.

The nine cameras in the new HD range are:

VCC-HD2100P – A fixed colour camera with CS mount
VCC-HD2300P – A Day/Night camera with CS mount
VCC-HD2500P – A Twin Engine Day/Night camera with CS mount
VDC-HD3100P – A vandal resistant colour dome camera
VDC-HD3300P – A Day/Night vandal resistant dome
VDC-HD3500P – A Twin Engine Day/Night vandal resistant dome
VCC-HD4600P – A Twin Engine Day/Night zoom camera
VCC-HD5400P – A Twin Engine Day/Compact Indoor PTZ Dome
VCC-HD5600P – A Twin Engine Day/Outdoor/Indoor PTZ Dome.

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