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Cameron On Quangos

by msecadm4921

In a July 6 speech to the Reform think tank titled ‘People Power – Reforming Quangos’ Conservative Party leader David Cameron put quangos – including the Security Industry Authority – on notice that they have to jusitfy their existence.

The SIA was not one of the several quangos named. However the SIA is well aware of the Tories’ approach if it gains power at a general election, which has to be held by mid-2010. The Private Security Industry Act 2001 which led to the formng of the SIA was put through by a Labour government after the earlier Tory administrations stalled on private security industry regulation.

In his speech Cameron said: "If there really is a need for an independent quango, how can we make sure it is as small as possible, operating with maximum efficiency, frugality and respect for taxpayers’ money?"

While there has been no suggestion from the Tories that the SIA would go, or change – and any talk of reform of quangos may well prove easier said than done – the SIA did raise the matter during the SIA’s annual conference in Manchester in May.

You can read Cameron’s speech in full on this link to the Conservative Party website –

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