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by msecadm4921

Radio Tactics Limited reports a development with their ForensicSIM Toolkit. The kit is a forensic tool to support USIM cards which are exclusively found in 3G mobile phones.

The firm says that 3G USIM cards present a major challenge to law enforcement because previously there was no tool to read them accurately. The cards have a vastly extended phonebook and call register with the potential to provide extensive data not available on GSM SIM cards. There are 1.2 million 3 mobile customers in the UK which potentially means there are that
many USIM cards that law enforcement agencies cannot process. With both Vodafone and Orange about to launch their 3G service this year, the problem is set to grow sharply.

Computer examination

3G technology enables mobile phone users to access the internet to download images and video as well as create material using built in cameras. 3G phones will demand both the computer examination skills traditionally held with the Police Force High Tech Crime Unit and the mobile phone examination skills commonly found within a Police Force Technical Support Unit.
The ForensicSIM Toolkit creates three image copies of the target SIM or USIM and optionally a fourth card that permits the safe examination of the target handset. The image cards are permanent hard copies of the target data, which make the continuity and disclosure of evidence a simple process. The biggest strength of this approach is the forensic integrity of the process. It is simple to use with only basic training and has little margin for error. An accurate printed report is produced
in minutes.

What they say

Vinesh Parmar, a computer forensic analyst with the Hi Tech Crime Unit of Thames Valley Police said: “We have been working in partnership with a Radio Tactics Ltd in the development
of an innovative piece of technology to deal with the ever increasing complexity of Forensic Mobile Telephone Examinations. The key element of this partnership has enabled both parties to tap into expertise which has resulted in the creation of the Forensic SIM Toolkit. Trials over the past four months has demonstrated exceptional results where by evidential data has been confidently and cleanly obtained.” Radio Tactics adds that is committed to developing and delivering a mobile phone examination product during 2005.

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