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by msecadm4921

Employee background checkers, RWC plc of London and risk management specialists Hill & Associates of Hong Kong, signed a partnership agreement to market their services globally under the brand

RWC’s employee and applicant background check services are offered via lawyers, security/business continuity consultants or personnel departments. Here are some global statistics taken from industry sources and ‘BackgroundChecking’ customers

34pc of employee applications contain outright lies about experience, education and abilities $15-25 billion is lost each year due to employee theft
The average cost of a single bad hiring decision is about US$100,000
92pc of Fortune 1000 companies have a formal employment-screening program in place in the US but most have not implemented their programs overseas
The availability and use of fake qualifications is exploding in Asia with the Chinese government estimating that at least 600,000 degrees in circulation are faked.
75% of IT security incidents are caused by employees not by hackers
46% of all corporate fraud is internal
2% of all CVs are fictitious in virtually all of their content.

What they say

RWC’s CEO Steve Bailey says: “What we’re finding in the UK is increased regulatory requirement for pre-employment background checks. As the pre-eminent background checking company in Europe that solely provides these checks and our single-minded purpose that is responsible for our strong growth as a company. We are seeing much greater emphasis by companies to provide these checks in their offices outside the UK and limit their liability against fraud, dangers to existing workers and potential embarrassment with customers. We already provide checks (and have reciprocal agreements with) US based companies where the market is more mature and deregulated, but where the emphasis is no less reduced through the latest events. Having a strong partner in Asia is key to our continued growth in global service offering and we’re excited to have signed this agreement with Hill & Associates who have already developed a strong client base and have excellent local knowledge in the Asia region Over the past year or so we’ve developed the brand. It’s a generic catchall for what we do on the surface, but we do considerably more than it says on the tin. Our business has matured from merely providing checks to a more consultative service where companies can come for advice on the way they take on new people across the globe. The brand acts as a portal for clients, having an established partner like Hill & Associates handling the Asian side will give customers greater peace-of-mind.”

Marc Davey of Hill & Associates says: “This co-branding under provides an ideal stepping stone for us into Europe. Now we’re both working with similar partners in the US to provide a global screening solution to multi-national clients. But right now this is a great boost for our automated online checking system, Verify. Background checking has always been a time-consuming and laborious process. We developed this online capability with a result that not only exceeds client expectation but lets us continue the same level of service they demand. This is a people business so painstaking care has to be taken but by leveraging technology we can now drastically reduce timescales and save them money too. RWC will assist in the further development and marketing of Verify, as part of our strategic partnership agreement.”

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