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Chip And PIN

by msecadm4921

Trintech, a provider of transaction management and payment infrastructure solutions, reports that Debenhams, the UK department store, will deploy Trintech’s total smart card solution suite to facilitate the acceptance of Chip and PIN transactions.

Trintech’s bank-accredited Smart 5000 PINPads, SmartPIN Software Developers Kit (SDK) and Estate Management System (EMS) have been selected to provide Debenhams with all the technology required to migrate to smart cards. Debenhams says it is committed to providing a complete customer solution that is easy to use. A pilot scheme is under way in six stores. Full roll out of more than 4,000 Trintech Smart 5000 PINPads to 104 retail outlets across the UK and the Republic of Ireland is due to be completed by the end of October. Such technical developments and rollouts need to be implemented smoothly and with minimum impact upon the service provided. Debenhams selected Trintech’s Smart 5000 PINPad because of its ease of use and its aesthetic appeal, as well as its ability to integrate with their existing NCR and Anker POS solutions, the firms say. The Smart 5000 also has one of the highest chip transaction processing speeds in the industry, says Trintech. The SDK helps reduce the technical effort required to integrate and test the end to end solution within Debenhams’ NCR and Anker POS environment and the EMS will provide an easy method to manage future updates across the deployed PINPad estate, the makers add.

What they say

Eamon Keating, General Manager of Trintech’s Payment Division, says: “Debenhams required a total Chip and PIN solution that would effectively dovetail with their existing EFT solution and gift card program. We will continue to work closely with Debenhams during the pilot scheme and support them in their overall Chip and PIN roll out to stores across the UK and Ireland."

About PayWare Smart 5000

Trintech’s new PayWare Smart 5000 is an EMV certified terminal that can be used in any type of point of sale (POS) system, according to the makers. Trintech’s Smart 5000 incorporates a single slot ‘hybrid’ card reader that reads both magnetic stripe and new chip card types. Trintech add that Debenhams were keen to opt for a hybrid reader to avoid confusion and disruption for customers and staff at the point of sale.

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