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by msecadm4921

Honeywell report that it is collaborating with Imprivata to offer integrated physical and IT access control.

The solution combines Honeywell’s Pro-Watch physical access control system with Imprivata’s OneSign Physical/Logical location-based authentication solution. The combined solution will enable organizations to grant or restrict access to physical locations, IT networks and applications based on an individual’s credentials.

“The integration of Pro-Watch and OneSign Physical/Logical lets customers extract greater value from their existing keycard and door readers,” said John Lorenty, president, Honeywell Systems Group. “Because it works with existing network authentication infrastructure to provide a single audit trail, this solution delivers a way to maximize existing security investments,” added Lorenty.

Pro-Watch is Honeywell’s security management platform that integrates access control, intrusion, video surveillance and CCTV into a single system. OneSign Physical/Logical is a component of Imprivata’s OneSign identity and access management platform, which seamlessly integrates single sign-on, user provisioning, physical access control and event reporting to provide one automated employee information access policy managed and enforced within a single administrative framework. OneSign Physical-Logical leverages Pro-Watch to allow or deny network access based on a user’s physical location, organizational role, and/or employee or badge status.

“Until now, physical and logical security systems have existed in separate technology silos. The integration of Pro-Watch and OneSign Physical/Logical facilitates coordinated communication between the two systems to achieve a stronger and more compliant security solution,” said Omar Hussain, president and CEO, Imprivata. “By implementing this integrated solution, potential gaps between disparate systems are eliminated and the overall enterprise security system is strengthened,” added Hussain.

It ensures that a company’s data and IT resources are being used only by authorised employees and creates a finer grain of authentication to sensitive network resources.

Honeywell will demonstrate the integrated Pro-Watch – OneSign Physical/Logical convergence solution at ASIS International 2007, booth #2313, in September. For more information, visit

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