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Concierge Unit

by msecadm4921

In east London, a new concierge unit will officially open at Thaxted House on Thursday, September 15 by Councillor Liam Smith, Barking and Dagenham Executive Member for Housing and Health.

The new unit has been constructed in the ground floor area at Thaxted House, Siviter Way, Dagenham and is linked via CCTV to Oldmead House, Exeter Road and Bartletts House, Vicarage Road.  
The opening will be attended by officers from Barking and Dagenham Housing and Health Department and tenants.  
The system will go ‘live’ on September 19, providing security for the 200 properties in the estate, contributing to a safer environment for residents, the council says. The installation of the concierge system was approved after consultation with all residents who voted for 24-7 coverage at Thaxted House and Oldmead House and an eight-hour daily coverage at Bartletts House.  
The concierge staff will be located at Thaxted House and will provide security through CCTV and other technical equipment at Oldmead House and Bartletts House.   The Thaxted House Concierge Unit joins the Gascoigne estate, which received two units in July, and Millard Terrace, Dagenham, which was opened in August 2004.  

What they say
Liam Smith, Executive Member for Housing and Health, said: "These units are key to helping keep our major Council properties secure. The increased security the concierge service brings will take us a long way to cracking down on people who cause problems to our tenants."

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