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Conditional Caution

by msecadm4921

Police officers in East Surrey from the end of June have introduced a new initiative to deal with certain types of criminal offences.

A conditional caution is where an offender has admitted the offence and accepts a caution with conditions. The offender will then agree to complete the conditions instead of being charged and prosecuted.

There are two types of conditional caution, rehabilitative and reparative. The rehabilitative condition aims to help offenders change their behaviour, for example attending information awareness sessions about the effects of using drugs; the reparative condition is a way of repaying the damage caused either to an individual or the community, for example paying for the damage caused.

Failure to comply with a conditional caution will result in sanctions such as being charged with the original offence as well as the need to complete the tasks set down in the caution.

Chief Inspector Chris Raymer said: “Conditional cautions will put victims at the centre of the justice process. They provide a quick resolution for victims without the burden of going to court.

“It will also enable offenders to give something back to their victims and the community. By introducing this system Surrey Police will be able to tackle offences that have a detrimental impact on our standard of living quickly and effectively.”

Chief Crown prosecutor, Tracy Easton, said: “I am looking forward to the introduction of the scheme which will put the focus back on the victims of crime. Cases will be dealt with much more quickly with offenders receiving early intervention to prevent re-offending. Victims of crime will benefit from cases being dealt with speedily without needing to attend court and from receiving compensation payments, where appropriate, in a fraction of the current timescale.”

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