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Control Room Package

by msecadm4921

Control room furniture firm Winsted unveiled a new design software tool on its stand at IFSEC 2005, complementing the rest of its pre-installation service, according to the firm.

The company’s latest WELS (Winsted Equipment Layout Software) package makes console design and room layout fast, easy and accurate, it is claimed. This interactive 3D programme lets customers use the company’s components to design systems to meet their requirements, without any need for additional design/CAD software to operate it, the firm adds.

"End-users, managers and specifiers can download the PC-friendly WELS tool from our website ( and improve the design visualisation by ‘populating’ their own control room with people, chairs and equipment for space planning purposes," said Winsted’s General Manager, Charles Evett.

The new version of WELS (v 3.1) offers the opportunity to create designs using products from Winsted’s entire product range, including tape/media racks, equipment storage units, components and accessories. Multiple consoles can be placed anywhere in the room, with these designs enhanced by the addition of equipment including monitors, space-saving LCD screens, VCRs, DVDs and keyboards.

The software also allows users to open and close doors, slide drawers in and out and view designs from any vertical or horizontal angle, with automatic overall dimensioning being applied. Designs can be saved in Jpeg, DWG and DXF formats for use in other software programs.

Winsted’s WELS package is supplemented by the company’s provision of computerised drawings, colour renderings and three-dimensional ‘walk-through’ moving animations. "Once customers have used our WELS package to gain a better idea of what they require, we can use these additional sophisticated design tools to fine-tune their specific control room solution before it’s constructed," Charles adds. "By bringing it to life in this ‘virtual’ way, they will be better able to visualise how their needs can be met by the different design options we produce and make more informed choices based on this information."

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