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by msecadm4921

People who avoid paying court fines are to be targeted in a new campaign. Court fine dodgers across England and Wales face being visited at home, having their property confiscated and even prosecution as part of Operation Crack Down.

Operation Crack Down will see HMCS Court Enforcement Officers (CEOs) and local police visit offenders’ homes to chase up repayments.

Approved Enforcement Agencies will also be issued with warrants to confiscate property. Where necessary, those who refuse to co-operate will be arrested.

Court time will be set aside to deal specifically with fine dodgers.

Dave Weston, HMCS area director for London Central and South, said: "Our message to fine dodgers is clear: pay up now or face the consequences.

"The courts will do everything within their powers to trace those who do not pay. Money can be taken from an offender’s earnings or from benefits if they are unemployed. Warrants can be issued instructing court employed agents to seize and sell goods belonging to the offender. Ultimately an offender can be imprisoned for non-payment of their fine."

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