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Cricket CCTV

by msecadm4921

SANYO has teamed up with Hawkeye Innovations Ltd to provide the England and Wales Cricket Board’s (ECB) National Academy with a coaching aid that takes full advantage of the latest CCTV technology.

Hawkeye, famous for providing ball tracking systems for TV cricket coverage around the world, is being used in conjunction with a SANYO CCTV system at the Academy’s facility at Loughborough University as a tool to improve cricket students’ bowling and batting techniques. Whilst Hawkeye allows coaches to keep an eye on the track of the ball, SANYO equipment is being used to monitor the players.

The original system was installed almost four years ago but has now been upgraded so that the Academy can benefit from the recently introduced advanced functionality of SANYO’s digital video recorders.

Stephen Carter, a Director of Hawkeye Innovations Ltd said: "For many years sports professionals have realised the benefits of exploiting technology to improve techniques. The ECB in particular has recognised the valuable part CCTV can play in a fast paced sport such as cricket and we are naturally very pleased to be working in partnership with SANYO to provide the Academy with an invaluable training tool."

The eight recently installed SANYO DSR-M810PS digital video recorders using MPEG 2 compression can record live images at a very high resolution whilst simultaneously playing back previously recorded video. Coaches in the Academy’s Performance Analysis Room are therefore able to quickly and easily provide feedback to individual players whilst continuing to record the activities of others, and if required, the recorded video can be saved onto a USB stick, compact flash or CD.

Situated at the heart of the University’s 386-acre campus, the Academy comprises six indoor cricket lanes and is regarded as the best equipped in the world. Whilst Hawkeye follows the trajectory of the ball, eight Sanyo high speed domes cameras follow the players’ monitoring style and technique. These 520TV line colour cameras have pan, tilt and zoom functionality and have been supplied in impact proof external housings.

One cameras is positioned at the end of each of the six lanes with an additional two cameras on the sides. All the cameras can be controlled by a remote Sanyo VSP-9000 keyboard controller which offers the option of touch-screen or joystick control. SANYO have also supplied their latest video matrix switcher to equip coaches with the facility of being able to allocate each of the cameras to specific DVRs.

David Markland, National Sales Manager CCTV for Sanyo Europe Ltd said: "Sanyo are always looking to think outside of the box in terms of CCTV and its how it is applied. With cricket being our national game we are naturally proud to be contributing to the players’ success."

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