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by msecadm4921

A number of newspapers have picked up the optimistic news about recorded crime

It’s from the regular British Crime Survey (BCS) interviews for the quarter to December 2007. <br><br>For instance the number of crimes recorded by the police fell by 12 per cent for the period October to December 2007 compared with the same quarter a year earlier.<br><br>The report in The Independent: <br><br><br><br>And the report in the Guardian: <br><br><br><br>To download the 11-page document, visit the Home Office website:<br><br><br><br>David Blunkett meanwhile is starring in a reality TV show about youth justice:<br><br><br><br>A link to a Kings College London masters course in terror, security and society: <br><br>

Response by ACPO

Ian Johnston, ACPO lead on crime and Chief Constable of British Transport Police commented: “Crime statistics published today show a welcome fall in overall recorded crime by 12pc, along with notable reductions in some key areas such as robbery and violent crime. It is particularly pleasing to see that there has been a reduction in firearms offences that are involved in fatal and serious injuries. While other firearms offences have increased overall according to these figures, tackling gun crime remains a high priority for the police service. We will continue to focus on areas where gun crime is a particular issue and work in partnership with local people and local authorities to drive out gun and gang culture.

“The impacts of increased enforcement activity are evident in today’s figures on recorded drug crime, which shows an increase by 20 per cent. Revised ACPO guidance to forces has resulted in an increase in cautions for cannabis possession, while tough enforcement to tackle class A drugs remains a priority for the police service in support of the Government’s drug strategy.

“The growth of Neighbourhood Policing has resulted in increased partnerships between police and communities and this closer working has no doubt led to increased intelligence, and ultimately, convictions, for offences involving drugs, burglary, criminal damage and vandalism that have a great effect on the quality of life for so many communities. The British Crime Survey shows that public perception and levels of worry about crime has fallen and the police service will take encouragement from that.”

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