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by msecadm4921

The Community Security Trust (CST) provides security advice and training for Jewish schools, synagogues and communal bodies.

Its annual incidents report – the most recent one covers 2007 – catalogues incidents ranging from a threatening message left on a synagogue answerphone to websites hacked into and defaced.

The 23-page report that you can download from the CST website includes incidents at universities: “31 incidents recorded on campus included 11 universities and three further education colleges. Six on-campus incidents took place in the direct context of political campaigning. Other incidents that involved political content, for instance in cases of graffiti using swastikas or other political imagery or language, did not occur in the immediate setting of otherwise legitimate political activity. Off campus, 13 of the 28 incidents recorded took place in Leeds, where there is a large Jewish student body. Other incidents took place off campus in Manchester, London, Birmingham and

The CST is based in London and Manchester.

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