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by msecadm4921

Utility companies must review their industrial security as cyberterrorism threat increases, it is claimed.

Businesses making the transition from proprietary networks to web-based systems are increasingly becoming targets for terrorist attacks, it is claimed.

The wide availability of computers means that today, terrorists develop their IT skills as they grow up, and these skills will increasingly be used for acts of cyber terrorism against utility companies where they can cause maximum impact and disruption to society. While most organisations are still more likely to be the victim of cyber crime rather than cyber terrorism, the impact of terrorism is likely to be far more significant.

Joachim Fietz, CEO of Innominate, the industrial security specialist, strongly advises firms to review their industrial IT security to ensure that their IT systems are not vulnerable through the back door.

What they say 
“The threat of cyber terrorism for utilities organisations is increasing, particularly for those working in the oil and gas sectors. With supply chains now global and the infrastructure somewhat fragile, it is important that the industry notes the potential threat posed by industrial networks. These networks are based on standard Ethernet technology and just like in an office network, viruses and malware can disable oil supply; creating havoc for their customers and society at large. With the threat of cyber terrorism increasing organisations need to take a holistic approach to their IT defences and they must act now. Security solutions for industrial networks need to be implemented, and bolt-on devices that can be installed whilst the network is running, such as Innominate’s mGuard solution, are ideal.”
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