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Data Vulnerable?

by msecadm4921

Companies are only paying lip service to the issue of data vulnerability, it is claimed.

Companies are only paying lip service to the issue of data vulnerability, by failing to allocate responsibility effectively and relying too heavily on security software. Conchango has warned businesses to respect the value of the information, knowledge base and skills held within their organisations and take steps to protect them. According to the business technology solutions provider, too many companies rely heavily on software defences but fail to back this up with the appropriate processes and allocation of responsibilities. The company has compiled a free guide to advise on protecting a corporate network, available by emailing with the subject ?data vulnerability? in the title. Recent research by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) shows that two-thirds of respondents have experienced a ?serious security incident? in the past year. DTI statistics also show that around 40 per cent of security incidents are caused by administrative errors or user misuse. Mike Altendorf, joint managing director at Conchango, says: ?Security is about control, not just technology. A combination of both is the only way to protect a modern network. Without auditing control systems and identifying assurance needs through ongoing management, businesses will just be paying lip service to the issue of data vulnerability.? See

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