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Demand For Thermals

by msecadm4921

A UK distributor reports increased demand for thermal cameras.

Simon Davies, Internal Sales Manager for Pro-Vision, said: “We have noticed a significant upturn in enquiries for thermal cameras over the past few weeks. Traditionally the enquiries were for specialist applications – such as border control points or perimeter fencing on critical installations such as power stations. However now that the price of these cameras is more realistic for a wider range of applications installers are asking for more information.

“The new Infiniti camera from Dedicated Micros is a classic example. There is real potential for installers and security managers to deploy a cost-effective thermal imaging option on sites of all sizes. They can really enhance the CCTV system and are ideal for monitoring an extensive area or for conditions that are likely to be particularly challenging for conventional CCTV cameras – eg dust, fog, haze or even smoke.”

“The thermal version of Infiniti combines an IP CCTV camera and thermal imager in one integrated unit – which is very practical for the installer. Additionally as the thermal capability tends to be provided by an un-cooled high resolution sensor, rather than the more expensive cooled versions, it is available at a price that makes it viable for a much broader range of installations.”

The Shropshire-based firm says that the Infiniti is one of a range of thermal imaging cameras available. Full details are available from the sales team. Pro-Vision Distribution distribute equipment from over 50 manufacturers within the CCTV market.

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