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Dial Alert

by msecadm4921

WSE, a provider of remote working staff to utilities, is to roll out a new staff security service.

It enables employees in a potentially dangerous or threatening situation to alert colleagues. The service is to be provided by MobileSOS.

The service can be accessed through any mobile phone. By pressing a pre-selected speed-dial number on their mobile phone, WSE Ltd staff are able to send a personal, pre-recorded message, with their location, in the event of a potentially risky situation. The message is sent to five nominated contacts, via voice, text and email, so that key contacts are made aware of any potential emergency, and the location of the caller. The outgoing message and contact list can be changed at any time, and as often as is needed.

What they say

“The personal safety of our staff is of paramount importance to our company,” says Neil Saunders of WSE. "We take our duty of care very seriously, and were impressed by the MobileSOS service which helps to protect them when they are away from the office. MobileSOS now gives them an extra level of security."

Standard MobileSOS services also include an optional timer function that will trigger the emergency alert if the timer is not manually cancelled before the end of a pre-agreed time span. An "I’m OK" feature is a way of letting colleagues or managers know that staff are, indeed, OK, that they have arrived at their destination, or simply where they are. WSE Ltd has chosen a new format of the service which records the emergency call and relays the information on to a nominated contact, who is then better informed as to the nature of the emergency.

“MobileSOS provides WSE staff with real peace of mind, and adds to their sense of personal security when out in remote locations,” adds Geoffrey Cheetham, MobileSOS marketing director.

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