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Dedicated Micros – part of AD Group – at IIPSEC 2009 sought to underline the capabilities of its NetVu Connected CCTV products. That’s including Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Optimised Cameras, featuring HyperSense Technology, the expansion of its DV-IP product range; the operational benefits of the Pick-a-Point Icon Digital Matrix solution and the potential to implement an Emergency Messaging and Mass Notification capability.

Unveiled at IIPSEC 2009, Dedicated Micros’ Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Optimised Cameras, which have been built around its HyperSense Technology, are designed to capture and record vehicle licence plates – even when faced with headlight glare – in scenarios such as petrol forecourts or car parks.

Available in analogue and IP models, the HyperSense technology has the ability to remove ambient light from a scene only leaving objects that strongly reflect the Infra Red (IR) light emitted by the integrated IR LED array.

Dedicated Micros also was showcasing the recent additions and enhancements to the company’s DV-IP product range at the exhibition, including the latest generation DV-IP Server and the new DV-IP Express.

According to Dm these have transformed it into a scalable, hybrid, system which is Analytics Capable and incorporates the latest user interface enhancements. The new DV-IP Express is described as an entry-level, network DVR which brings together high frame rate recording with real-time ‘live’ multi-screen viewing in a surveillance package.

Also shown by Dedicated Micros during IIPSEC – the new Pick-a-Point Icon Digital Matrix solution from integrator BBV.

This is now fully integrated with the latest range of DV-IP products, including the HighVu Excel, DV-IP Server, Decoder, RT and HD. The Pick-a-Point Icon also has HDMI interfaces as standard allowing high definition video to be displayed on associated video walls.

Also being launched at IIPSEC 2009 – a capability that can turn NetVu Connected CCTV systems into an Emergency Messaging and Mass Notification System. When deployed the Emergency Messaging System (EMS) provides authorities, police and endusers with situational awareness and two-way communication capability with specified assets should a major incident or a disaster occur; there is also the potential to generate revenue through a Mass Notification System (MNS) and, simultaneously, to continue to perform the surveillance tasks required to secure any facility.

Said Pauline Norstrom, Director of Worldwide Marketing at Dedicated Micros: "I believe that the enhanced CCTV capabilities which we will be showcasing at IIPSEC, from the HyperSense Technology used in ANPR Optimised cameras to the strengthening of our DV-IP product offering, demonstrate our determination to lead the industry in providing solutions which meet the challenges of today’s CCTV integrators, installers and end users. On a larger scale, the unveiling of the Emergency Messaging and Mass Notification System shows how – as part of AD Group – we can take a wider strategic view and dramatically expand the scope and capabilities of static and mobile CCTV solutions deployed in a complex urban environment."

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