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Dog Handling Code

by msecadm4921

NASDU – The National Association of Security Dog Users reports that the NASDU Code of Practice for General Purpose Security Dog Handlers is being used by the British Standards Institute (BSI) as the basis for a first British Standard for Security Dog Handling.

This follows comment made by NASDU to the BSI on a European Committee document on security service providers terminology, for which NASDU attached their code. Steve Hill, the association secretary and co-author of the code of practice says: "Following the introduction of the new National Occupation Standards (NOS) for General Purpose Security Dog Handling NASDU set about a review of its own Code of Practice which had been in place since 1997. This new Code of Practice which was written in the format of BS 7499 to assist members, not only addressed the new NOS which had been developed by an industry expert group including NASDU and originally set up by the SIA, but also addressed the recently introduced Animal Welfare Act 2006, for which NASDU had also made comment on to DEFRA. We were therefore delighted after all the hard work in developing our Code of Practice to then be approached by the BSI to have it form the basis of the new BS."

NASDU sits on the GW/3 Manned Security Services Drafting Group responsible for BS 8517. Anyone wishing further information or who would like to receive a draft copy as part of the public consultation process should ring NASDU Head Office on 01483 888588 or e-mail

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