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Drivers Faces

by msecadm4921

In the US, the Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR), Motor Vehicle Business Group has added automated facial recognition technology to its Digimarc ID Systems’ driver’s license issuance programme. Visit

Under the enhanced license issuance program, selected driver’s license applicants will be compared with the 10 million DOR records on file to identify possible duplicates and aid in DOR investigation of identity fraud. Colorado has been using Digimarc ID Systems’ technology since 1994 to issue over 1.2 million driver licenses annually. Because of its deployment of the Digimarc ID Systems-supplied portrait-capture systems for digital image capture, the Colorado DOR has images in its database and now operates one of the largest facial recognition databases in the world.

What they say

Aurora Ruiz-Hernandez, Senior Director, Motor Vehicle Business Group, Colorado Department of Revenue, said: ?We’ve selected this technology solution in order to implement the policy mandated by the 2001 legislature to protect our licenses from duplication fraud and are pleased to be working with our capable partner, Digimarc ID Systems, in fulfilling this mandate.? John Munday, president, Digimarc ID Systems, said: ?The facial recognition search system from Digimarc ID Systems will assist the State of Colorado to prevent multiple drivers’ licenses from being issued even if the applicants try to use different names and other data. This system that builds on the facial recognition algorithms provided by Identix promises to be a powerful new tool in Colorado’s fight against identity fraud. We’re pleased to support Colorado’s continuing efforts to ensure the integrity and security of its license system and to protect the citizens of Colorado from identity theft and financial crimes related to identity fraud. This system is the first of its kind. The technology it uses is the product of a strategic alliance between Digimarc ID Systems and Identix to bring powerful new tools to large-scale identification programs like drivers’ license systems.?

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