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by msecadm4921

An advertising campaign has been launched by the Home Office to encourage young people to talk to FRANK for accurate and impartial information about the harms of drugs. Adverts aimed at 11-18 year olds will appear on youth radio stations and websites and pose a series of drug-related questions. Teenagers are encouraged to reconsider what they know about drugs and where to find reliable information about the risks….

Teenagers are pointed towards FRANK ( for the facts.

Home Office Minister Lord Henley said: ‘There are so many ways for young people to get information on drugs: through their friends, the internet, TV programmes, films and song lyrics that knowing what‚Äôs true and where the dangers lie can be difficult. It is important that young people know that FRANK will always give them free and accurate information and confidential advice whenever they need it.

‘Since its launch in 2003 FRANK has built up significant credibility and trust amongst young people with 80 per cent knowing about the service and 68 per cent claiming they would use it if they needed drugs advice. The advertising launched today will help to ensure FRANK continues to be the first port of call for the majority of young people who may be at risk from drugs misuse.’

The FRANK service has been running continuously since May 2003 and supports millions of people every year. The service provides high quality, impartial information on the effects and harms of drugs to anyone, whatever their age, along with advice and support if they, their children or someone they know is at risk of drug misuse.

The adverts will run until the New Year.

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