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DVR Intro

by msecadm4921

Samsung Techwin has introduced the first of their new Super Vision series D1 resolution digital video recorders. The products were previewed at IFSEC 2008.

The 16 channel SVR-1645, which has a built-in DVD writer, uses MPEG-4 compression to record D1 resolution images at 100 frames per second and CIF resolution images at 400 frames per second. Two internal hard drives provide an onboard storage capacity of 1.5TB.

New algorithms, unique to Samsung Techwin, equip the SVR-1645 with multi-streaming real-time monitoring over a network and in addition a built-in web server enables authorised users to remotely monitor live images or playback recorded video from wherever there is internet access.

One of what will be a total of six models in the Samsung Techwin DVR series, the SVR-1645, can simultaneously record audio on all 16 channels. It has an audio detection feature so that recording can be triggered by the sound input when it reaches a specific level.


On the launch of the SVR-1645, Simon Shawley, Samsung Techwin’s Senior Sales Manager for the UK and Eire said: "We have achieved worldwide recognition for the high performance of our CCTV cameras which capitalise on the very latest advances in CCTV technology such as SSNR. The SVR-1645 and the other models in the Super Vision series, which will be introduced in the near future, will now enable us to offer customers digital video recording solutions to take full advantage of the superb quality images captured by our cameras."

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