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EAS Tagging

by msecadm4921

EAS Distributors has launched the “Smart Shield EAS” intelligent, retail tagging product. According to the firm, it makes pedestal aerials in doorways a thing of the past.

Electronic article surveillance product provider, EAS Distributors, is embracing the Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) tagging technology, “Smart Shield EAS”, from Best Security Industries. This eliminates the need for unsightly, floor-mounted or door-mounted antenna pedestals, loops or in-floor aerial solutions around entrances and exits of stores, the firms say. Retailers can use far more of their available floor space. Merchandise can sit right up to the door and views into the store are no-longer obscured by aerials.

Designed for use with RFID Gen 2 hard tags or “smart labelling”, Smart Shield EAS is described by the firms as a new tagging concept compatible with RFID security and logistics products, including source tagging. A self-contained ceiling-mounted enclosure, based upon a “phased array” smart antenna design, can be programmed to pinpoint specific tag locations and then detect their presence. Commonly used floor or door-mounted pedestals, loops, or in-floor detection aerials become unnecessary, the makers say.

Unsightly pedestals aerials are not required and large or unusual entry formats are no longer a problem.

False alarms are reduced as no electronic field can “bleed” into nearby tagged display areas.

Floor space can be optimised by removing aerials and position merchandise closer to the doorways.

Detects RFID source tagging labels and tags.

Experienced shop lifters are unfamiliar with the new tag system.

Ian Eeles, MD of EAS Distributors said: “This new tagging system meets the needs of so many retailers. It is highly accurate, reduces false alarms, causes minimal disruption during installation, de-clutters stores and offers greater product floor space. Retailers using source tagging RFID labels can not only track merchandise throughout the supply chain and store, using hand held readers, but also secure them using Smart Shield EAS.”

The ceiling antenna can be programmed to check X, Y, and Z coordinate patterns for each tag. This provides store position and height off the floor data and has been described as “GPS for EAS tags” by some retailers. The system includes ceiling antennae, RFID readers and an on-board PC to operate and manage the system. Fully self-contained, it’s controlled through wireless or network access. It only requires a standard power supply at point of installation.

If you would like more information about Smart Shield EAS, ring EAS Distributors on 0161 476 1100 or email [email protected]. Visit –

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