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Embassy Barrier

by msecadm4921

The UK Embassy in Hungary has a traffic control barrier to prevent vehicle-based attacks.

The product used is the DSC 1100 from US manufacturer Delta Scientific, whose Senior Vice President David Dickinson says: "The UK Embassy in Budapest not only uses the barrier to protect its compound from charging vehicles but the barriers are placed to create a sally-port which tightly controls traffic into the embassy. The first barricade is lowered to let in a car, while the barrier in front of the car stays up. The one in back then raises, and the car is sandwiched between them. Once searched and OK’d, the second barricade lowers and the car is allowed to enter the embassy." Delta products are also used at US embassies, and other applications such as nuclear power stations and VIP residences. The Californian company also makes beam barricades, wedge barricades, bollards, sliding gates, shallow foundation high security barricades, surface mounted barricades and portable barricades.

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