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European Of The Year

by msecadm4921

ASIS International will present the ASIS International European Person of the Year 2007 Award to Wim Philippa.

He is Secretary General of the European Roundtable of Industrialists (ERT). The award will be presented to Mr. Philippa on Wednesday, March 28 at noon at the InterContinental Hotel (Room Potsdam I) in Berlin, on the occasion of ASIS International’s 6th Annual European Security Conference which runs from March 25 to 28.

The ERT is a forum of some 45 European industrial leaders, forming, ASIS reports, one of Europe’s most influential interest groups. Wim Philippa has played a role in raising awareness of the consequences of criminality and organised crime for business and industry. From June 1998 to October 2000 the ERT Working group “Criminality against Companies” which Wim Philippa was instrumental in establishing, was able to put the subject on the political agenda in the European Union, the industry body reports.

A letter was sent to heads of Government of EU member States and to the President of the European Commission (EC) ahead of the informal European Council at Tampere, Finland in October 1999. The Council decided to strengthen EU initiatives in the areas of crime, immigration and asylum. It referred in its conclusions to the serious consequences of crime for economic operators and specifically addressed the issue of money laundering.

Recognising that many crimes originate within companies (particularly fraud), that in broad terms, criminality seemed to be on the increase, and that corporate cultures are often a hindrance themselves to set up a real security policy which is aimed at increasing value to the business, he triggered activities to overcome the problem, according to ASIS. In particular, he focused on the need to see security as an integrated business function and to address the lack of sensitivity of management to security matters, ASIS adds.

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