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The SpycatcherOnline website, which specialises in gadgets and gismos for the surveillance, counter-surveillance and personal protection market – selling from covert body cameras and drug testing kits to radar detectors and safes disguised as Coca Cola cans – is offering protection from bacteria. If you go to their Personal Safety section, you’ll find the Evac Respiratory Protection Hood.

The pocket-sized (when folded) Evac-Hood was originally developed as an emergency escape mask, designed to protect the wearer’s respiratory system from a multitude of harmful elements and particles, such as smoke, fumes, harmful chemicals and gases. It provides ‘full-on’ protection, slipping the firm says over the head and can be worn with glasses, a beard – and long hair.

The Evac-Hood has been tested for particulate filtration efficiency to Class P2, in accordance with European Standard EN143, parts 5.5 and 6.4.1.

Lee Marks, CEO of the Spycatcher Group, reports that the company is already experiencing a lot of interest in the Evac-Hood from existing customers in the police and armed forces, as well as individuals. "Everyone knows that stopping human-to-human transmission in its tracks is key to keeping CSF (Classical Swine Fever) contagion at bay. We have already received sufficient precautionary bulk orders for the hood to justify bringing in more stock. I’ve just placed an order for several thousand more, to keep up with demand."

Price: £9.79 including VAT.

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