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Extra Layer

by msecadm4921

Network cameras and video servers from product firm Axis have been deployed at Data Electronics Group (DEG), a data centre provider in Ireland.

The products are designed to provide an extra layer of security on the data floors within DEG’s headquarters site at Kilcarbery Business Park (KBP) in Dublin.


The new system consists of 60 AXIS 210 Network Cameras, 32 existing analogue-based CCTV cameras feeding into two CCTV multiplexers which, in turn, provide data to two AXIS 241S Video Servers. Milestone XProtect Enterprise software is being used for viewing the images. All data is then stored for 30 days on an Intel-based 9.6 Terabyte server. The network cameras cover site entrances and cover the data centre floors, collecting images at six frames per second on motion.

The new IP-Surveillance system works with physical security already at KBP. Entry to restricted parts of the building is controlled through the use of a biometric hand key geometry system from IR Recognition Systems.

What they say

Daniel Tinkiel, chief operating officer at DEG says: “Security is the watchword of our business. Everything we do is designed to maximise the security of our customers’ data. They want to know we are able to monitor their mission-critical data minute-by-minute, 24 hours a day.  We want to ensure that image quality is high enough to positively identify individuals involved in any theoretical security breach.  This system gives us this guaranteed image quality.”

Away from analogue

DEG reports it is moving away from traditional analogue-based CCTV, and is looking to replace its remaining 32 analogue cameras. DEG reports benefits of IP-Surveillance are better image quality, easier maintenance and the potential for integration with other IP-based security systems such as its biometric-based access control system. Tinkiel adds: “The more diverse technologies and networks you have the larger the burden of integration, maintenance and upgrade if you do not converge them onto a single IP network infrastructure. This is why I’m a firm believer in convergence of all technologies– voice, data, video – everything should be transported and stored using IP-based technologies and protocols. ”

Solution partner

DEG invested 80,000 euros in the new IP-surveillance giving the contract for installation and configuration to Dublin-based Axis Solution Partner, Encom. The investment came at the end of a 17.8 million euros re-fit of the KBP site over the last two years. Tinkiel added: “I would not hesitate to recommend this solution to others who are specifying physical security systems for highly secure sites such as ours.”

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