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by msecadm4921

The FBI recently launched a service that sends e-mail alerts when new and vital information is posted on its website.

John Miller, Assistant Director for Public Affairs, said: “Through these alerts, the FBI’s breaking news and information comes straight to you—to your PC, laptop, or wireless device. It’s a fast, effective way of keeping our partners and the public informed about terrorist threats, missing kids, wanted fugitives, emerging scams, major cases, and more. And most importantly, it will help us do a better job of catching criminals and keeping the American people safe.”

To sign up, click on the red envelope icons found on the FBI’s main website at No personal information is required, just an e-mail address. Subscribers select which topics that they want updates on, such as new e-scams and warnings, most wanted terrorists, top ten fugitives. The alerts are sent as soon as updates are posted on the FBI website or in daily, weekly, or monthly digests.

Having launched the service in October, by January the FBI has e-mailed more than 600,000 alerts to nearly 14,000 subscribers.

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